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Protect the Seren Solar System

Seren Nova is a top-down 3d space action game, where you fight as part of Nova Force to protect the planet Brython and the Seren Solar System.  Follow the story of Nova Force’s best pilot, Aderyn, as she tries to keep invading forces away.  Choose the best ship for each mission and fight across various planets and locations. Featuring retro sci-fi live-action cutscenes that tell Aderyn’s story and why she is the key to saving the Seren system.

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Pilot your ship from above in each location, completing the mission objectives, that can go from search and destroy, to recovering stolen technology.  However, with more delicate mission objectives, you may prefer to land and take the war to the enemy on foot.  Choose whether you want to fight using the heavier bomber, or get in and get out with the fast but more fragile fighter, use your grappling hook to move objects, lift and drop bombs and discover secrets, such as hidden vehicles to pilot.

Live-Action Story

Featuring a live-action cutscenes inspired by classic sci-fi TV series of old, featuring a cast of actors and puppets! Follow top pilot Aderyn as she struggles to protect the lives of billions and her dislike of her robot sidekick, Robo.



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